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Hi, thanks for visiting waterheaterpicks.com, My name is James Ronald and I am a professionally certified plumbing expert residing in Hagerstown, MD, USA.

With over 7 years of experience in the plumbing industry, I’ve learned all phases of repairs and installation of common plumbing household appliances.

After realizing that there aren’t many reliable sources of information regarding water heaters on the internet, I decided to create this blog so I can give you highly useful and reliable insight on finding the right equipment at the right price for your needs when it comes to water heaters.

You’ll find the results of my extensive research, unbiased reviews of water heaters, whether your need a tankless water heater or any other water appliance, you’ll find everything here.

I also spend time finding discussing different types of water heaters that may work better for residential, commercial or outside use.

We sincerely hope you enjoy my articles and they help you make smarter decisions in choosing the right water heater. Feel free to contact me anytime.