Freezing winters are next to intolerable without a consistent and reliable water heating system around the house. However, among the many water heating sources available, usually, the best water heater source is a gas-powered one. This is mainly because the Tankless Gas Water Heaters are highly durable and readily available for installation.

The Gas Water Heaters are liked by users because they always give high performance regardless of the temperature outside hence you never have to wait for a hot shower again in your life.

But the million-dollar question is how can one select the best gas tankless water heater for their use? To make the process easier for you, we have compiled the best gas water heater reviews that you can comb through and select the one which suits your needs the best.

Every gas tankless water heater listed below offers optimum performance and is the crème de la crème of the water heating systems so any of these you choose will work great hence, stay tuned!

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5 Gas Tankless Water Heaters Frequently Asked Questions

The top reasons to get a tankless gas water heater

If you are wondering about the advantages of owning the best tankless gas water heater then let us tell you that it is one of the most budget-friendly options you would opt for. Besides, with such a useful appliance in form of a water heater, warm water would no more be a luxury you would have to wait for or look forward to.

All the best gas tankless water heaters have the following two main perks that you can enjoy on your purchase:

  • You will get to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of hot water without the need for a tank. A tankless gas water heater allows you to conserve space, makes your living space appear neat and nice and you never have to worry about hot water running out of the tank.
  • Since these water heaters harness power from natural gas, this makes it a very cost-effective option. Natural gas in addition to being affordable is also a lot cheaper than its alternatives propane and electricity both. These gas heaters will cost you initially during the setup but in the long run, you would be saving more than $100 per annum on your costs spend on heating water through electricity.

What more comfort can one ask for than an uninterrupted supply of hot water at the most affordable rates that too by harnessing power from natural gas? Literally nothing! That is all you need to comfortably get through the freezing winters every year. In fact, this would be one of the most worthwhile decisions you will make for your house.

Since this is one of the core items in your house, it is only wise to select and install the best gas tankless water heater. However, let’s first take a quick look at the specifications that you need to be mindful of while purchasing a gas tankless water heater for your house.

What are the different types of tankless water heaters available?

water heater types

The types of water heaters according to their heating sources are listed below:

  1. The Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Electric Tankless Water Heater in addition to being budget-friendly is also good for the environment. They are simple to install and can even be powered using a solar panel, making them completely efficient and save carbon emissions to the environment.

  1. The Gas Tankless Water Heater

The Gas Tankless Water Heater harnesses power from either kerosene or propane gas. It has built-in vents to release the exhaust gases safely into the environment however it does emit carbon monoxide. Furthermore, it is less efficient than the electric tankless heater but is also cheaper.

  1. The Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heater

The Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heater type is the one that harnesses the power from a connected heat exchanger to warm up the water to be used. It is durable while the vent made out of stainless steel releases the exhaust gases. It uses energy efficiently and is ideal for those who use a lot of hot water.

  1. The Condensing Tankless Water Heater

The Condensing Tankless Water Heater is the last type of water heater in the list that makes use of a secondary heat exchanger which reutilizes the heat from the exhaust gases to reheat the next batch of water and so on. Hence it’s high on inexpensive, it may not be one of the most efficient choices among the rest.

Key features to be mindful of while buying a gas tankless water heater

The tankless gas water heaters are not based on rocket science. They harness energy from the natural gas which is then used to warm up the heat exchanger, which is the core part of a heater, which then eventually heats up the required amount of water.

Believe it or not, the entire procedure of you standing beneath the shower and hot water reaching the tap takes probably less than even 10 seconds.

However, even though this heating procedure is fairly simple, there are still certain key features of any best gas tankless water heater that one must keep in perspective before the purchase. These differences are:

  • The Capacity: This is measured in terms of maximum water flow, GPM, or BTU. Any best gas tankless water heater can provide for the basic requirements of a house set up. Following are some of the capacity ideas according to the size of your house which you can choose based on your needs:
  1. Average household requires between 6 to 9 GPM water flow capacity.
  2. Bigger houses require gas heaters with 10+ and a BTU range of 180,000-199,000.
  3. The small houses need a GPM between 6-7 to fulfill the requirement.
  • Energy Efficiency: This value is measured as EF or the Energy Factor. Remember that an ideal gas water heater does not lose more than 10% of the energy. The value for EF that you should keep in mind is as follows:
  1. An average gas heater has between 0.8 to 0.9 value of Energy Factor which means that almost 90% of the energy generated by natural gas is used in heating which only 10 % to 20 % is lost.
  • The Cost: On average the cost of any tankless gas water heater would be $100 for every 1 GPM. So even if you pay a cost of $1,000 initially on any best gas tankless water heater you are spending this heavy amount for the next 2 decades! An ideal rule is that for every GPM of water flow, you have to pay an additional $100 and the top gas tankless water heaters can even be more expensive. However, they save you in terms of energy losses and hence are budget-saving in the long run.
  • The Flow Rate: This is a major key feature that needs to be kept in mind. The flow rate tells you the quantity of hot water you can access at a given time. Hence, experienced people give a lot of weightage to flow rate when purchasing any gas tankless water heater. If a gas water heater has a high flow rate means that you can access more hot water at a time. So while comparing different models go for the one with the highest water flow rate.
  • The Anti Scale Devices: Many manufacturers of tankless gas water heaters are using the latest technologies to prevent the accumulation of minerals inside. This is one purpose of the anti-scale devices which prevent this issue from occurring in the first place. If the minerals and salts accumulate, then the durability of the gas water heater decreases. So any best gas tankless water heater model will have an anti-scale device that prevents the building up of minerals.
  • The availability of Digital Displays: The advancements in technology have digitized everything so why must the water heaters remain behind. Many gas water heaters have digital displays that allow you to keep a check and balance on temperature and other technical information. This displays the accurate temperature of the water inside and also lets you adjust the technicalities according to your needs.
  • The Size: When looking for an ideal gas water heater you must take a look at the size of it. The size directly relates to the weight as well so if you wish to move frequently then it is wise to look for a compact-sized heater. You also need to look at the available space in your house and then choose the size that would fit conveniently and would also be easy to install.
  • The Construction: The best tankless gas water heater reviews would always tell you to get the one with the most ideal construction. Durable construction allows the model to run for decades hence you do not have to worry about its wear and tear or would have to change it any time shortly after the purchase. In fact, many gas water heaters have a special resistance to corrosion from inside since the inner side will contain water hence it is prone to corrode easily. Select the gas heater with the highest durability.
  • The Warranty: This is definitely one of the most defining features of any purchase including the water heaters for your house. Many of these on average provide a warranty between 3 years to 12 years. It is smart to select the one with the longest period of warranty hence you can avail of the repair costs from the manufacturer for an extended period of time in case any problem or damage occurs.

Overall when it comes to the best gas tankless water heaters Japanese manufacturers are particularly famous as they are good in terms of cost, reliability, and durability. All the key features that we have discussed above can be found in Japanese water heaters making your winters smooth and safe with a constant supply of hot water whenever in need.

Keep reading ahead to find the best gas water heater reviews below of our top shortlisted products and then make a decision for yourself. However, the tip is to keep the above-described key features in mind while combing through the specifications of the products listed below.

The 9 Best Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews

We have compiled the list of the top 9 Best Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews that are available on Amazon. Read through each and every one of them and then wisely make a choice for your home.

1. Rinnai V65IP Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai V65IP Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai, a Japanese company has launched its V series and one of the most renowned products from this series is the Rinnai V65IP. The most prominent feature that sets apart Rinnai V65IP gas tankless water heater is that it harnesses power from propane gas rather than conventional natural gas.

Hence, if you are ever skeptical about which model from the Rinnai V series to purchase then the V65IP model should be on the top of your list. The alphabet V represents the model series generated by the manufacturer. The alphabet is then listed with a special model number and the final 2 alphabets then represent the following:

  • Indoor mount (I) or External/Outdoor mount (E),
  • The power source either N for natural gas and P for being powered by the propane gas,

If you are looking for a gas tankless water heater that is powered by propane with low emissions of toxic gases, a good BTU valued at 150,000, and a GPM of 6.6 and can be installed outdoors then this model would be ideal for you.

But let us tell you that if the V series models are installed inside then you will get better and more reliable access to hot water. In fact, you can install more than one gas water heater unit in a straight line to increase hot water access and boost efficiency. This also has another advantage; different units can give hot water access to various parts of your house instead of a single unit bearing all the burden of the house.

Furthermore, all the models in the V series including the Rinnai V65IP are non-condensing. Some of the prominent features of the model are listed below:

  • It provides a constant supply of hot water for your household.
  • It is highly efficient.
  • It offers an excellent water flow rate of 6.6 GPM but this can vary by ground temperature as well.
  • It also has special mobile app features of Control R which can be used to schedule hot water timings throughout the day and even allows you to control your tankless water heater system remotely especially when you are on the road away from home.
  • It comes with a special residential factory warranty of a year for the labor, 120 months if there is a problem in the heat exchanger, and 60 months for the other counterparts.

2. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

If we talk about the pros and advantages of the Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Gas Tankless Water Heater then they are quickly listed below:

  • It provides you immediate hot water access which can be as warm as 114 degrees.
  • It is equipped with a special depletion sensor for oxygen and also has a 6L water pump attached.
  • It also has an anti-freeze protection feature.

The only drawback of this model of tankless gas water heater is that it can be heavy in weight.

The Camplux 5L Outdoor Propane Tankless Gas Water Heater is portable and can be carried around. It has a 6L water pump attached and in fact, is one of the brand new models for the modern showers these days hence has made its place in the market rapidly after its launch.

It can provide you instant access to hot water which can be as warm as 114 degrees while providing you full control over temperature adjustment and the flow rate. In fact, the flow rate can be set to a maximum value of 1.32 gallons per minute.

As mentioned that this model has a 6L water pump as well that campers can use outdoors in case a hose is not present at the location. Moreover, the company Camplux cares about consumer protection hence offers a special anti-freeze protection system allowing you to use the unit even in freezing temperatures.

In fact, there is a special sensor installed that can detect oxygen depletion pretty quickly and the gas water heater switches off in case the oxygen on the outside is low preventing pollution from any toxic gases released in the environment. However, you must remember that this unit is manufactured to be used outdoors because it does produce exhaust gases but if your insides are fully ventilated with proper systems you can use the unit indoors as well.

This gas water heater has a heavyweight of 12 pounds hence backpackers may find it hard to carry but people who go on camping in a car can easily carry it. Besides, it takes a few moments to set up so time is definitely not wasted.

  • The highest temperature the Camplux unit can reach is 114.8℉ or 46℃ while the lowest temperature it can reach 46.4℉ or 8℃.
  • It is very compactly shaped with a folding capacity hence is ideal to carry around when you travel.
  • It has wide protection features with an anti-freeze protection, oxygen depletion sensor, and a flame failure attached device as well.
  • The water heater provides a generous production of 1.32 gallons per minute while conserves energy.

We highly recommend this gas tankless water heating unit by Camplux.

3. Camplux 12L 3.18 GPM Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater

 Camplux 12L 3.18 GPM Indoor Tankless Propane Water Heater

The next one in our list of the best tankless gas water heater reviews is the Camplux 3.18 GPM Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater which has the state of the art design hence has become the most sought after product in the market.

This water heating unit is made out of special black glass that is sleek and tempered and harbors automated controls for temperature adjustment along with an LED display that shows temperature and other technicalities on the screen such as the GPM flow. It also has a child lock feature hence can safely be used in your home even if it is small in size. The unit features the latest combustion technology with enhanced safety features providing protection before anything.

Let’s take a quick look at the features:

  • Latest, modern and sleek design features with an elegant glass appearance
  • It requires only 0.8 GPM of water flow to initiate heating
  • It offers a good generous production of 3.18 GPM hot water which can be as warm as in between 95-149 degrees Fahrenheit or 35-65 Celsius.
  • Completely automated features providing control over temperature adjustments.
  • The child lock feature for safety.
  • It is also equipped with a stainless steel pipe to vent the gases out.

This model of Camplux can provide for the whole house and starts heating up only when it is required. It has a modern appearance with tempered glass offering automated temperature controls which appear on an LED display showing in time correct readings on the screen.

The stainless steel venting pipe which can easily be installed further enhances its properties. It comes with a power cable of 120 volts including an internally built exhaust fan to vent out harmful fumes. If you are installing this water heater indoors you must make sure that your house is properly ventilated. It provides a generous output of 3.18 gallons each minute.

The optimum water pressure for the ideal working of Camplux 3.18 GPM is between the ranges of 3.6~145.0 PSI, which offers complete easy performance while the natural gas pressure for smooth operation is 0.4 Psi.

Lastly, the unit is highly efficient in terms of conserving energy since it produces only 42 watts of power while it functions. The product is renowned for its advanced safety features which include the oxygen depletion sensor, anti-freeze safety, and flame failure attachment.

4. Rinnai RL94IN RL Series HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater

Rinnai RLX Series HE

The Rinnai RLX94IN tankless gas water heater is one of those in the list that is best in terms of efficiency in fact is one of the top non-condensing units mentioned in our list. This tankless gas water heater harnesses power from natural gas and operates at a maximum of 192,000 BTU. This unit is part of the luxury models of Rinnai among the other competitors in the market.

In addition to a large BTU value, the gas water heater has a larger value of the water flow rate as well. Even though the highest GPM is at 7.5 for RL but this unit maxes out at a flow rate of 9.8 GPM easily. Even though this may seem petty at first but such a high flow rate along with a series of BTUs gives it a good UEF score so that you can enjoy prolonged hot showers throughout the winter season.

However, you must remember that the UEF score is not the only factor to get an Energy Star rating but it will be budget-friendly in the long run in fact it can save you more than $200 per annum as compared to any other tank-based water heater in the market.

Moreover, you can also avail of support in terms of automated features for this water heater unit including many wireless features, pushbuttons, and remote controls. These luxury series also have a compact design hence is portable, easy to carry, and require fewer spaces as compared to other structural gas water heaters.

If you wish to install it outdoors then this unit is not for you or any other from the luxury series in fact. The most updated and modern featured model in this series is the RLX95IN and has the following prominent features:

  • It has an energy factor or EF of 0.82
  • It has a minimum BTU OF 10,300 while a maximum BTU of 192,000
  • It is powered by natural gas and can only be mounted indoors
  • It guarantees to provide unlimited access to hot water in your home at anytime

5. Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct Tankless Water Heater, 6.6 GPM

Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct Tankless Hot Water Heater, 6.6 GPM - Natural Gas

The next item in our list of Best Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews is the Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater Unit. Even though it is very small in size but has managed to make a good name in the market due to its outclass performance and output overall. Since it is small, it is not heavy to carry as well and can easily cater to a middle-sized house.

It harbors modern and advanced features while the heater itself is simple in terms of installation in fact it is so easy to install that you can do it yourself and save money on expert installation.

The Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct Gas Tankless Water heater has an amazing set of advantageous features that otherwise cannot be found in a single unit. We will discuss these advantages so that you have a better idea of what you are exactly paying for if you indeed decide to buy this one.

Firstly, the water heater has a fashion-forward and small appearance along with a straightforward self-installation feature. In addition to installation, even its operation is pretty simple and straightforward. Then the water heater comes with a diverse range of venting facilities throughout and can be controlled easily using a remote that comes with it.

The construction of the gas water heater is featured with leak-proof technology that along with safety also extends its durability. It has been given the special Energy Star certification as well which certifies that it is environment friendly and conserves energy. Apart from this, this unit is strong and does not produce disturbing noises when it runs. In fact, it has the capacity to provide hot water for more than one purpose at a time and not just showers. You just need a small space in your home for its installation since it is compact in size and can easily cater to a medium-size home or office.

You should know that a perfect or a flawless water heater does not exist in fact if an appliance has numerous benefits then it comes with its own set of setbacks as well but the Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct Gas Tankless Water Heater still goes close to the mark of being perfect with its diverse features. Still, if you wish to look into its drawbacks then here they are listed below:

  • It is definitely not one of the most budget-friendly options on the list
  • Not all plumbers can fix the problems that arise with this unit so it is better that you never face any issue with this water heater
  • It takes some time for the water to heat up

All in all, the Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct Gas Tankless Water Heater is high in terms of reliability, is compact in size, and has an elegant appearance that can fit with the décor of your home easily. It should be given full marks on its performance while its set of features easily show that it can support a small to medium-sized place in fact small-sized commercial areas can also be supported by this model. So our advice is that a couple of drawbacks should not put you off if you are deciding to buy this unit.

6. American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG Tankless Natural Gas Ultra Low Nox Condensing Water Heater

American Standa Water Heater

Now in our list of the Best Tankless Gas Water Heaters, we are introducing a new brand which is the American Standard and is renowned for making quality based home appliances. This model is the American standard tankless condensing residential water heaters with the model number TCWH180S-AS-NG and it features the most advanced state of the art technology.

It is a unit that has to be installed indoors and offers a generous output of hot water which can go up till 11 gallons in each minute. So you never have to wait for a hot shower or hot water for kitchen and laundry in freezing winters ever again.

This water heater unit has been specially designed keeping in view modern thermal transfer processes and offers added resistance to corrosion. In fact, even the initial installation cost is pretty low and not heavy on your pocket. Furthermore, the company has manufactured this unit keeping high energy efficiency in perspective. It is a tankless condensing water heater that increases the EF or the energy factor hence decreasing the energy expenditure and costs as well relative to any other traditional water heater that is generally installed at homes.

Furthermore, it has no storage tank and provides immediate access to unlimited hot water while its leak-proof technology further reduces any damages or losses. Lastly, the company offers a generous 12 year-long warranty for its heat exchanger if any trouble or fault arises while for other counterparts the company offers a 5-year long warranty. Let’s summarize its features below:

  • The water heater uses advanced thermal efficiency features which conserves energy and has secured a 96% rating in terms of efficiency
  • This unit is fully certified, it has been given the ANSI z2.1.10.3/csa 4.3 ranking and has an easy installation for the indoors exclusively
  • The water heater unit is high on durability because its primary and secondary heat exchangers both are made out of durable stainless steel of 304 Grade material
  • Then this water heater is environment friendly with a very low combustion system that can operate in propane as well as conventional natural gas. You can even shift the power sources from one to other for the gas,
  • The unit is further certified with Energy Star and the ETL certification which shows that it uses between 14% to 55% lower amount of energy than other competitors in the market who meet the minimum threshold of federal standards.

7. Rinnai RUR199iN Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai RUR199iN Tankless Water Heater

If you are looking for unlimited access to the hot water supply at any time then the Rinnai RUR199iN Tankless Gas Water Heater with high efficiency for it is a condensing tankless water heater manufactured by the famous Rinnai. It is so small in size that it appears no more heavy than a suitcase while harnesses power from the natural gas. It has an easy installation and is ideal for operating indoors.

Rinnai is the most famous water heater brands in the market in fact is top notch both in the United States and Canada. The company offers the most high performance and efficient water heaters available in the market. It is often the first choice for many consumers.

This is what makes the Rinnai RUR199iN Ultra Series a competitive unit in our list of the Best Tankless Gas Water Heater Reviews. It is extremely efficient in fact the best in terms of efficiency with a generous glow rate set at 11 gallons for each minute.

However, all in all, the most prominent feature of the Rinnai RUR199iN unit is that it features an already constructed recirculating pumping hence catering to the most common complaint and drawbacks that people usually have with many of the water heaters in the market especially the tankless ones. With this pump, you never have to wait an extra minute in your life for hot water to come to your tap. You get instant and immediate access to hot water at any time you need.

Even though almost every other tankless water heater has the ability to warm up the water immediately but this heated water need s to be delivered to the tap or faucet. Let’s say your washroom is 70 feet away from where the water heater is installed so when you switch on the tap you will first have to get rid of all cold water and then allow the hot water to come out of the faucet.

With other competitive models in the market, you will require the installation of this recirculation pump separately however when it comes to the Rinnai RUR199iN Ultra Series model your heated water can instantly reach your showers or kitchen or to the laundry area and you do not have to wait for some time.

The recirculation pump is built on to the tankless water heater all you have to do is press the button present on the side or you can alternately get a motion sensor, install a timing app on your phone and have complete control over the gas water heater’s functionality. The cold water will go back to the tank and you will be given immediate access to heated water instead. So you will have to waste no more time getting rid of the cold water first to get the hot water in the line after it.

Let us now take a quick look at the advantages of this water heating unit:

  • Firstly you will be saving tons of water so no wastage
  • You will be conserving a lot of energy with as generous energy factor or EF of 0.96 which shows that for each penny spent on the gas you will be investing 96 cents on hot water which the other traditional water heaters do not give and they only conserve 65% of energy
  • You will be saving a lot on your pocket and budget as well because your utility costs will decrease both water expenditure and gas.
  • You will be given immediate and unlimited access to hot water at any time.

Rinnai RUR199IN is indeed heavy on pocket initially but saves you tons in the future.

8. Eccotemp i12-NG Gas Tankless Water Heater

Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless Water Heater

Now is the turn of one of the most elegant water heater models made by Eccotemp which is Eccotemp i12-NG. This gas tankless water heater has two special models one which runs on propane and the other on natural gas. It is designed especially to be installed indoors but the unit has such an elegant appearance that it blends in with the environment inside. In addition to the state of the art technology built inside the company has placed a lot of thoughts into making the unit appear modern and fashion-forward.

However, if you still have trouble placing your water heater inside the house because it may look tacky you can still place and install this model inside a cabinet. In terms of efficiency, the Eccotemp i12-NG I is quite powerful and has a constant flow rate set at 3 gallons for every minute hence this model can easily support a small house with a single washroom and can make day to day tasks around the house quite convenient, making it affordable for a small family. But this unit is not ideal for a medium or large-sized house.

In addition to its gallons per unit value, the model has various other features as well. The technology that is included to build this unit is outclassed and very easy to use. It features temperature controls along with a special LED display that shows all the technicalities on the screen accurately. You can customize the temperature to your liking and set it once and for all. The i12 also harbors a complete ventilation power system ensuring your protection along with complete efficiency. Also, this unit has a tested and tried ignition technology which is electronic and operates on batteries so you do not have to think over igniting it separately.

In the end, the company offers complete trust along with a full warranty for the model. It has a two-year warranty however to activate it you need a certified expert then you will be able to use this water heater free of any worries. Moreover, you can rely on this gas tankless water heater to cater to your needs for a good decade because that is its life span, and keeping its affordable cost in mind this model can prove to be an excellent choice for your family.

9. Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High-Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

The Takagi T-H3-DV-N Tankless Water Heater is our last but definitely not the least choice in our list of top tankless gas water heaters. It is ideal to be installed indoors both in houses and business setups. You can even install it in spas or eating outlets.

Takagi has ensured that their model has never received any complaints and generates very low toxic fumes. It has heat exchanger tubes built inside manufactured out of high-grade copper alloys and even though it is best to be installed inside of the house you can easily use it for heavy uses as well. So if you wish to make a domestic recirculation system or space for heating then it is ideal. It comes with a complete certification to be used safely at a height of even up to 10,100 feet. Now the number of units you need to install depends on the temperature of the area’s groundwater.

This water heater unit can run three showers simultaneously in freezing temperatures but in a slightly better or warmer climate, you can even use four showers at a single time. In addition to indoor heating in residential areas, you can use it on radiant floors hydronic heating setups, and recirculation setups as well.

If you do not wish to install more than one unit controller you can install it to cater to four units at a time through its easy link characteristic. But if you do use the multi-controller system you will generously be able to install around 20 units at one time.

Following are some of the upsides of this model:

  • There is no heated air. When you switch on this heating unit there would be no heated air that will be released out. This is highly efficient and even with a proper vent, you will observe no toxic fumes when the water heater is on.
  • You will never run out of hot water. This unit has the capability to supply an unlimited amount of hot water on any size of residential areas even if there are multiple showers, taps, or dishwaters running at a single time.
  • The water heater unit can simply be installed without any professional help. You can easily do it yourself. The heater is packed with every counterpart you require to assemble it.
  • The tankless gas water heater produces a very low carbon footprint relative to its other competitors in the market which release a high amount of carbon emissions.
  • The water heater is extremely high in durability. Consumers have been using the device for years and never had any complaints.

If we talk about some drawbacks then there are not many still if you wish to take a look then here they are:

  • The repair in case of any faults is not done by the company in fact the company may deliver the replacement parts but you have to fix it yourself or call a plumber.
  • These repairs can be very expensive at times.
  • There have been a few complaints of early breakages in the counterparts and certain defective counterparts have at times been reported to be delivered to the customers.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my water heater pipe leak from one side?

If this is something you are concerned about then possibly you are talking about the overflow pipe outside which is connected with the temperature relief valve on your heater. This valve is present for safety in case the temperature exceeds the value set and pressure inside increases and the water heater overheats then this safety valve protects it from bursting. It removes the added pressure and temperature. So time and again you will observe this pipe steaming but it is there for protection and absolutely does not mean that there is a fault in your water heater. However, if you still think your water heater is faulty then you can contact your manufacturer for assistance.

How can I identify the type of my water heater?

Usually, people can easily locate the model number of their water heater by visiting the manufacturer’s site but identifying the exact type can be a bit tricky. The model numbers will keep changing as new features and technology get inculcated in the upcoming models so if you are finding it difficult to fetch information on your water heater then you can call your manufacturer or experts to assist you in this regard.

It takes too long for the hot water to reach my tap why and how can I fix it?

If you are facing the issue of having to wait too long for the hot water to arrive at your tap then the fault lies in the plumbing of your home. Since the hot water has to travel through your household piping from the heater to reach your tap it can take time. If your home is ranch style or big in size then the plumbing runs can occur frequently and hot water may take time to arrive at the faucet hence leaving you to wait. A quick fix to this issue is by installing the re-circulation pump systems.

Another solution to his issue is having your gas tankless water heater attached right near your tap or point of water access like in a cabinet of your washroom or near your kitchen sink. In fact, a tankless water heater provides instant access to hot water. Even though they may have a higher initial setup cost these heaters are very efficient when it comes to conserving energy hence proving to be budget-friendly in the long run.

It is best you get in touch with a gas water heater expert or your manufacturer help center to get more details on installing a recirculation system for your heart or home.

How can I switch off my water heater if it is leaking?

You must follow the Emergency Shutdown Instructions that come with your water heater or get in touch with a reliable water heater expert. They usually are available throughout the day and throughout the week and provide relevant assistance in switching off your heater.

Is it normal for my water heater valve to drip water?

Yes, it is in fact pretty normal for your outside valve to drip water. This valve basically is the temperature and pressure relief valve which is usually configured at 150lbs for the pressure and around 210 degrees Fahrenheit. If a small amount of water drips out of this relief valve it is a good sign because additional pressure is getting released hence taking care of your safety. This feature is necessary for safety on all types of water heaters.

However, if the water drips constantly to a point that it feels like flooding with a whistle type sound then it is wise to get professional help from a water heater expert or your manufacturer to take a look at your valve. Since it is not safe to have such large pressure built up inside the heater and hence should be checked on an emergency basis. If a water heater keeps on overheating every now and then it is once again a problem because this will damage your heater. So get in touch with professionals or experts on a first-hand basis.

My water heater is making sounds of water spilling on a hot plate, how do I deal with this problem?

If we talk about the working procedure of a water heater then the rule of thumb is that for every part of gas used by the heater it uses around 10 parts of air for combustion and the composition of air includes a percentage of moisture as well. This moisture turns into water droplets after condensation from the chimney that relatively has a low temperature.

So the sizzling hot plate sound you hear when your water heater has to work extra especially in cold weather or place is a tank that just poured cold water inside. This can also happen if your gas tankless water heater is brand new. However, if you see your water heater dripping every now and then or there is always a flood accumulated around a water heater then this is a call for trouble hence it is smart to seek professional help instantly.

How long will my water heater take to completely warm up the water?

On average any gas tankless water heater takes around a few minutes to completely heat up the water, however, if you have switched off your heater or have recently installed a new gas water heater then your heater can take up to 45 minutes to warm up the water inside. But all in all, this depends on the type of your heater, its capacity in gallons or BTU but if you have to wait for an hour for hot water to reach your faucet then it is likely that your water heater is faulty.

The good thing is that gas water heaters have a faster recovery time as compared to electric heaters but regardless of the type of water heater they never take an hour to heat up water only minutes.

Should I install drain pans beneath my gas water heater?

This varies from situation to situation certain places may require you to place metal pans beneath your gas water heater while some places have this requirement compulsory. You must use your intuition to figure out whether you need a drain pan or not especially in places where there is a high risk of damage by water leaks.

If gas water heaters are installed in closed cabinets or enclosed roofs then they can cause trouble. They can have slow leaks from temperature or pressure inside through the relief valve overflowing or if there is a fault in your tank that has not been detected as of yet not until when you see your wooden floor getting damaged or water flowing from the roof of your bedroom. All in all, it is smart and wise to place a drain pan beneath your gas tankless water heater and should think many times if you decide to go without it.

How quickly can expert help reach my home if I call for assistance?

Usually, when you place a call to any gas water heater expert they reach the location within the next few hours of your first call placed for assistance. Or alternately if you just wish to get a checkup of the gas water heater site then you can even schedule a visit within the week. The gas water heater experts are fully equipped with every accessory that may be needed on the site of assistance since these experts have to travel o various places for their job.

How to conserve energy during heating water in my gas water heater?

Following are some of the ways you can adopt for conserving energy while heating water:

  • The first thing you can do is decrease the temperature preset of your water heater. On average your manufacturer has this preset at 10 degrees but you can further decrease the setting from your thermostat to 120 degrees and still enjoy your long hot showers in freezing winters. In fact, during summers or while traveling away from home you can further lower this to 110 degrees and can save on energy costs.
  • The next step is to change your showerheads and install the low flow heads instead. These low-flow heads shower heads that are installed these days generate a lot of pressure but the usage of water is lowered and you can still enjoy a good hot shower during a freezing winter day or night while conserving on energy costs.
  • Install a good Sediment flush because certain areas are rich in minerals and salts and in such locations if you flush the water heater it can prolong its life and conserve energy costs as well. When the sediment gets accumulated and hardens it can be very difficult to flush it out at a time almost impossible especially if you are residing at a busy residential area hence your water heater has to work many times harder and uses more energy. So you must use a sediment flush at least once a year.
  • It is also wise to get your gas water heater periodically checked for any leaks even though this may not impact your location around but can damage the water heater itself.

How can I set up my water heater in my home to make more space since my water heater is bigger in size?

It is a frequent practice to move water heaters, especially in metal enclosures for creating more space. Everyone would like to have more space in their house for various reasons. Since the construction costs for the house is more than $200 for every square foot so if your closet is around the size of 3′ x 4′ the cost can reach more than $2400. If you place a metal enclosure on the outside of your house this will save you tons on budget. Also, many people feel easier if the heater is outside rather than inside so the leaks are decreased.

Hence the solution to this is to move your water heater to a metal enclosure outside of your home. Contact a company that specializes in constructing metal enclosures for water heaters and instantly ease up space inside your home for any other object or appliance that you require in your home.

What precautions should I keep in mind when replacing my gas water heater due to sizing?

There are many considerations you should keep in mind while resizing your gas water heater in terms of replacing it. Firstly, see to it that whether the need for hot water in your home is increasing, decreasing, or the same over the span of a few years. Then take a look that whether you feel your water heater is small in size because of the sedimentation accumulated inside. Also, see that if you plan to shift in the coming years and if you do then consider the size of your potential new home and select the gas water heater accordingly.

Also, find out whether hot water runs out quickly in your home and causes a major inconvenience every now and then or not. While replacing your gas water heater you should also keep in mind the frequency of the showers and laundry done in your house during winters to gauge the requirement and need. Lastly figure out how crucial it is for you to conserve energy, water, and costs when it comes to a water heater.

How do I know which replacement gas water heater is ideal for me to buy for my home?

There are several options available in the market for replacing your gas tankless water heaters. These are the considerations you should keep in mind while buying your replacement:

  • The size of your house and average daily requirement of your water heater
  • The future requirements of hot water in your house
  • Whether your residence is permanent in your current home or temporary

So it is always prudent to consider your requirements and conduct some research before you go out to buy a water heater for yourself. Even though there are several options available in the market but tankless gas water heaters which are high in efficiency are popular in demand for their conserve water, energy as well as costs in the long run.

What is EF or the Energy Factor? What is it used for?

The EF or the energy factor of a water heater denotes the efficiency of the water heater in concern. This is measured by looking at both energies; one that is used to heat water for daily consumption and the overall energy consumption of your water heater. You can use this value to gauge your water heater’s efficiency.

This value of energy factor or EF also allows you to gauge the efficiencies of various gas water heaters when you go out for buying. The gas water heaters that have a bigger value for energy factor will have a much lower running cost relative to the other competitors that have a low value of EF. A larger value of EF also shows that the water heater is more efficient. Even though these high EF valued water heaters may be expensive to set up in the start but they will save your pocket for coming years.

What does FHR or the first-hour rating mean?  

The first-hour rating or the FHR of a water heater shows the amount of hot water that any water heater will generate per hour of its use. This is calculated using the capacity of the water heater in gallons and the amount of water that is generated by the water heater through reheating per hour.

What does it mean if my hot water coming out of my water heater smells bad?

If the water produced by your gas water heater smells bad then it means that the minerals in the water inside are mixing with the water and are generating the smell. This depends on the type of minerals present inside which can produce a bad smell in the heated water. Hydrogen, bacteria, and sulfur compounds inside can generate the smell of bad eggs in the water. If you install an anode made out of magnesium then it can protect the tank from corroding but generates hydrogen in high quantity to generate the smell when it reacts with bacteria and sulfur.

To fix the bad-smelling water, you can change the magnesium anode rode inside with some other kind of anode. The quick solution to get rid of hydrogen sulfide smell is to eliminate the growing bacteria inside. Chlorine usually is used in outside water to get rid of bacteria but small systems need to be purified differently. Even though bad smelling water is not dangerous but on the safe side, you must get in touch with gas water heater experts.

Is the installation of anodes necessary in my gas tankless water heater?

The anodes are a type of sacrificial rods that are placed inside the water heater from the top side. They are indeed necessary because without these rods your water heater may only survive for two years hence you must install and change these rods in a timely manner to increase the life span of your gas water heater. Many water heaters offer great safety as compared to others but then again they come heavy on your pocket so instead invest in an anode that saves budget as well as your water heater.

What is a dip tube in a water heater and where can I find it?  

The dip tube is basically the inlet for the cold water. If you stand in front of your gas water heater where the company’s logo is present, then the inlet for cold water or the dip tube would be installed on the right side of your water heater. This tube lets the cold water go at the lower surface of your water heater so that it can be warmed up and does not combine with the heated water to lower its temperature hence ensuring that the supply of hot water does not run out.

What does thermal expansion mean and how it affects the water heater?

When energy is supplied and water gets heated, the water molecules expand and generate thermal expansion inside. When the water in the water heater warms up it expands and occupies a larger volume inside and this volume needs to be adjusted. It usually gets released through the relief safety valve which is placed to relieve the extra added temperature and pressure. However, this valve is not manufactured to work on a daily basis of relieving the extra expansion, and hence due to overwork it can indeed malfunction and lower the lifespan of your gas water heater.

To solve this issue, it is ideal to install a thermal expansion bottle in fact under some locations the expansion bottles are compulsory with the installation of brand new gas water heaters.

What would be the ideal water pressure to maintain in my gas tankless water heater?

The ideal threshold for the water pressure at your home is around 80 lb and for ideal purposes. Usually, people have the idea that they want greater values of pressure but in fact, scientifically all you need is a sufficient volume instead which is managed only through a proper system of piping which should be ideally sized. If the pressure is too high it can affect the plumbing and even generate unpleasant sounds. Solenoid valves which are installed on dishwashing areas and laundry areas are not built to tackle high pressure. In fact, the toilet valves are also not equipped to cater to high pressures and need to be replaced every now and then.

Is it necessary to install supporting straps on my water heater to hold it in place or the water heater can be kept in place without it?

In the United States of America, the California State by law states that all types of water heaters must have supporting straps installed to hold them in their place especially during a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake. Ideally, there should be 2 to 3 straps put in place but in reality, this depends on the size of your gas water heater. You can get in touch with experts or your manufacturer to get more details on the set SOPs in place to fix your water heater in place.

How the warranty that comes with my water heater does operate?

We would advise you to take your water heater’s warranty very seriously. The manufacturer you choose must complete the installation of your water heater with full-fledged warranty service. The companies always respect and follow the warranty service but you need competent manufacturers who are equipped to identify and solve the problem in case your water heater shows up any faults or troubles in the warranty period.

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