The water heater is an important appliance and calling it the irreplaceable one wouldn’t be wrong as well. When you set your mind to get a brand new water heater, then you have two main categories to choose from one is a water heater with a tank and the second is a tankless smart water heater. The selection is completely dependent on one’s requirements and if you live alone, then having a tank-based heater is probably pointless. Still, if you find yourself in a difficult situation it is fine to consult an expert before selecting gas tankless water heaters. You can look at the following tankless gas water heater pros and cons yourself before making a decision.

Tankless Gas Water Heater Pros and Cons


Instant hot water supply

It’s true that the world isn’t a perfect place but your life can be if you install a tankless smart water heater. Because you don’t have to wait for the water to get hot to take a shower, and even if you forgot to turn on your shower you don’t have to worry even for a second. Because the instant water heater can provide you the moment you turn on the tap.

Extended lifespan

The tankless heater is far more useful as compared to its competitor because it has a longer lifespan. They’re a good reason behind it, that is the limited usability. A tankless heater turns on when it is needed and shuts down immediately when the tap is turned off. The more you use an appliance the quicker it ages and that’s why this smart heating system can live longer as compared to other common heating systems


Not everyone has a dedicated space for the installation of a water heater, especially the people that live in apartments. This is where a smart water heater can come in handy because it requires a very small space to be installed and most of the designs are extremely light-weight and can be installed on the wall quite easily. Whereas a common water heater is a huge appliance because it has tanks with it and needs a specific size to fit in.

Energy efficient

The is the age of tech and everyone wants to use smart devices or appliances to become more energy efficient. People are also shifting to smart solutions because the cost of energy keeps increasing every once in a while. A tankless water heater is a perfect solution because it consumes a very limited amount of gas for a little time to heat up the water for instant use and turns off as soon you turn off the tap.

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Inconsistent temperature

If you happen to have a tankless water heater you’d know that there are continuous rise and fall of temperature and it is quite tricky to regulate it while bathing. The reason for that is the absence of the tank. A common tank-based water heater heats a specific amount of water uniformly and since the tankless water heater doesn’t have a tank a fluctuation in the water temperature is to be expected.

The initial cost is relatively higher

If you just visit a local appliance store you’d notice that the prices of the tankless smart heaters are relatively higher than the common tank-based heaters. It is true that there are many benefits of having tankless heaters but only if you are willing to pay double the usual water heater cost. It is due to this reason it is not recommended if you are running low on cash.

Limited hot water supply

As it is evident from the name that a tankless heater wouldn’t have a water tank, and therefore it can’t assure a continuous supply of water. It can be a painful experience if you are in the middle of the shower. It is also not recommended for families with kids to resort to this option because their overall consumption is relatively higher and a tankless heater will not be able to satisfy their needs.

Going tankless can be challenging

Making a decision to install a tankless water heater isn’t going to be easy if you are using a tank-based water heater before. There are various issues that you may not be ready to face. Therefore, it is extremely important you fully understand what it means to buy a tankless water heater before you rush to buy one in the offer. It might look good on the wall but it can’t satisfy you, then it is just another pointless investment.

Installing a water heater or not is initially a money-based decision. However, a detailed assessment of your requirements should be understood before making a final decision. The smart water heater is most preferred by the smaller families or individuals that live alone. The bigger families have bigger needs and buying an instant water heater might not be an ideal choice.