You may want to get rid of old or dead appliances like water heaters once in a while; however, instead of throwing a unit away or disposing of it improperly, you can make some money out of it. If you want to know how then read on!

Water heaters are composed of valuable parts that can be sold at a fairly good price, given you separate those components first. This step helps in increasing the water heater recycling value which on the other hand, if you choose to sell the entire unit in one piece, wouldn’t get you a good value for it. The price would then be quite low. This is because the whole unit is counted as a light and mixed form of metal which isn’t worth much money.

The distinction between the water heater parts:

Usually, the water heater would contain elements made of multiple metals like copper, aluminum, and brass. The fittings, copper tubes, and wires could be categorized separately under copper whereas the burner pipes, pilot light pipe, and some valves would come under the aluminum category. Similarly, the knobs, drain valve, temperature valve, gas regulator, etc are constructed of brass which you can sell under the brass category. As mentioned previously, selling these parts after dividing them could get you a good price.

How much money can you make by scrapping the water heater?

When it comes to the scrap value of the water heater, the most you can get out of scrapping it is $30 whereas $7 might be the minimum you could get, depending on the size and components it is composed of and also how you decide to sell it i.e. breaking it down to parts or letting it stay as a single piece.

You must know that the scrap prices change every day; therefore, it’s important that you scan the market rates for each metal on the day you set out to scrap your unit.

It may seem like scrapping the water heater isn’t worth the effort and won’t get you much; however, know that it isn’t a bad deal given you sell it along with some other household appliances. It’s an even better opportunity to make some cash for plumbing companies or contractors who may scrap water heaters in bulk.

So, even if you think selling your water heater in scrap will get you an insignificant amount of money, it still wouldn’t hurt to earn some pocket money, especially if you have a large unit that you have decided to scrap separately.

Final thoughts:

Now that you know what you can get out of scrapping your water heater, you may put some thought into it instead of just throwing it away. There are many companies that help you scrap your water heaters. So, you can contact them through their websites and discuss stuff in detail. You can even check the daily scrap prices of metals online.